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Translation of Patent Specifications into and from Turkish than Other Languages.

Efor Intellectual Property is the Turkey’s leading provider of patent translation services into and from Turkish – Other languages. We have partnered with foreign IP firms and company in-house attorneys around the globe to prepare patent attorney reviewed patent translations for  European Patent validation, Patent Convention Treaty – national phase entry and direct national patent filing and patent litigation purposes.

It is an obvious truth that the slightest linguistic incongruence can significantly alter the intended protective power of a patent. By virtue of the experience of our patent practice, we provide you an excellent service on patent translations through our patent attorneys who have degrees in electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and biochemistry, among many others from the major to obscure.

We translate patent prosecution and litigation documents into and from Turkish – Other languages. Our patent translators are subject matter experts  in a broad range of technical fields with many years of patent translation experience. Efor IP’s associate partners and clients rely on our technical and legal expertise, control system to ensure the highest quality level of patent translation.

Also a patent needs to be translated for information only. Such translation is typically required when translating patents for litigation or for investigation of prior art. Translation of a patent ‘for information’ is a more literal translation and closely follows the original patent’s content.

Efor IP’s patent translation services help IP law firms and companies in-house IP departments accurately translate patent applications, prior art, related IP prosecution and litigation documents.  Patent translators are chosen for their educational background, and expertise in the technical field related to the matter.

The cornerstones of our service: Quality, speed, cost savings, reliability and confidentiality make us the chosen firm for IP translations.

Efor IP guarantees you the highest levels of quality, professionalism and security in protecting your IP portfolio.

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