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To protect your inventions in Turkey, EFOR IP professionally offers you an extensive service during all stages of patent proceedings. The patent department in EFOR IP is the oldest and largest unit of our company with chartered patent attorneys, experienced administrative staff, and European Patent Attorneys.

In Turkey, there are presently three routes for filing a patent application. Firstly, applicants may choose conventional patent application system, the protection period of which is 20 years for patents. Secondly, applicants may enter the national phase of PCT applications before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and lastly, granted European Patents can be validated in Turkey with a single application as Turkey is a EPC member state since November 1, 2000.

The current Turkish IP Law pertaining to the protection of industrial rights is Law No. 6769 which has entered into force as from 10th January 2017. It introduces a single comprehensive law instead of the five different decree-laws currently regulating Turkey’s IP legislation on patents/utility models, designs, trademarks, geographical indications and integrated circuit designs.

Patent Requirements

• Name, address and nationality of the applicant(s) and inventor(s)

• Patent Specification in Turkish consisting of description, claims, figures (if any) and abstract (not exceeding 100 words)

Translation of Patent Specifications

It is an obvious truth that the slightest linguistic incongruence can significantly alter the intended protective power of a patent. By virtue of the experience of our patent practice, we provide you an excellent service on patent translations through our attorneys who have degrees in electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and biochemistry, among many others from the major to obscure. Please Contact Us to receive a cost estimate.

National Patent Applications

The Turkish Patent legislation is mainly in line with the European and other developed countries’ patent legislation.

Upon submission of the required documents, a patent application is filed in Turkey and officially recorded by the TPTO asto filing date. It takes about two years from filing to registration and the following stages are carried out:

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Entry Into The National Phase

Upon receipt of your instructions, we file the PCT national phase entries with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in the light of the information provided such as the international publication number and amendments to be filed with the national phase application (if any). Priority should be claimed either at the time of filing or within two months as from the date of filing of the patent application in Turkey.

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Validation Of European Patents

As Turkey is a EPC member state since November 1, 2000, granted European Patents can be validated in Turkey with a single application. Upon translation of the specification into Turkish and submission of the requirements, the application is filed and the registration procedure is commenced. Validated European Patents are treated as same with national patent applications and afford the same level of legal protection and it is valid for 20 years as from the filing date.

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The EURO-PCT Route

As an option, , European Patent Application may be filed as an extension of a PCT application if the international application designates the EPO. If applicant desires to select several countries in Europe, considering that the Turkish attorneys’ professional fees are considerably reasonable than the European colleagues, such a route would be cost-effective.

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Other Patent Services

As patents are a statutory monopoly given to the holders conferring exclusive rights and play a significant role in strategies of any company, following steps are recommended for the registration of patents in Turkey:

1. Patent Search in Turkey

Please Contact Us for a free search among all patents published and registered by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and get information about their possibilities of being registered regarding the registration criteria.

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Patent FAQ

Patent, entitles the owner of the invention the rights of producing, using, selling or exporting the product subject to invention for a certain period of time. The certificate presenting this right is called Patent Registration Certificate. In the Utility Model, criteria of inventive step is not required, protection periods are different.

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Power of Attorney