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Design in Turkey | To protect your new and creative designs bearing differential features, EFOR IP professionally offers you an extensive service in all stages of design proceedings.

The services provided regarding designs are as follows:

– Carrying out searches in the official records of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office,

– Filing of designs in Turkey,

– Renewal of designs in Turkey,

– Watch services for already filed designs.

Requirements in Turkey

  • Name and address of the applicant,
  • Name and address of the designer,
  • Prints of the representations (preferably not exceeding 80 * 80 mm),
  • The Power of Attorney, simply signed/executed by the applicant, notarization or legalization is not required (Legalization of the Power of Attorney is only required for actions such as voluntary cancellation, withdrawal, recordal of changes, or deletion of goods),
  • In case of claiming priorty; The certified copy of the priority application / registration including the priority date and number (needs to be supplied with an English translation if the original is in another language).

Desing Registration Application in Turkey

Upon completion of the required documents, The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office examines whether the application complies with the formal standards set forth by the TPTO. The TPTO undertakes formal examination of the application regarding the number, the views, the dimensions and the clarity of the representations submitted as part of the application. Novelty search is also carried out for each design application. If there is a specification, examiner makes sure that it reflects solely the visual and novel characteristics of the design(s) concerned and prescribes that different views of the said design(s) be indicated in the specification. In case the application derives priority from an application already registered in a state party to to the Paris Convention, the TPTO examines the particulars of the Priority Application based on the Certified Copy of the priority document.

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Design Search in Turkey

Prior art similarity searches of industrial designs are conducted within the on-line search database of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Design searches in Turkey are performed on the basis of various criteria such as product name, applicant / registrant name, and Locarno classification code.

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Design Renewal in Turkey

The duration of a registered design is five years from the filing date of the design application. A registered design can be protected for a maximum term of 25 years on the condition that the extension fees are paid for consecutive periods of 5 years.
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Design Watch in Turkey

EFOR IP professionally offers you an extensive design watch service for applications published in Turkey which will protect you through opposition proceedings before they mature into registration. Blocking such potential infringing designs will avoid you from time and money consuming procedures such as filing and prosecuting court suits.

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Design FAQ

Any natural and legal persons who accommodate or have industrial or commercial establishments in Turkey, or persons who are entitled to file applications under the provisions of Paris Convention. Bern Convention or the Agreement Establishing World Trade Organization.

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