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Trademark Watch in Turkey

In order to provide a comprehensive and effective protection on your trademark rights, trademark applications which have been filed with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office or have been published in the Official Trademark Bulletin can be watched and the trademarks which are identical or similar to your trademarks can be reported to you. Through opposition proceedings, such potential infringing marks can be blocked before they mature into registration. This will avoid you from time and money consuming procedures such as filing and prosecuting court suits in Turkey.

As of February 2016, two Official Trademarks Bulletins has started to be published by the TPTO per month, which means the opposition deadlines  change twice a month instead of once, corresponding to the mid and end of each month.

Further, with the Turkish IP Law No.6769, opposition periods has been shortened to two months as of the publication date. Increase in the number of monthly bulletins and the decrease in the permitted time for filing oppositions guides right holders considering watch services in Turkey as a must.

Our “Trademark Watch” service, which may be provided on a monthly or yearly basis, include observing identical and/or confusingly similar marks which are recently applied or published in the Official Trademark Bulletin and notifying you when conflicting marks are detected and filing oppositions against these applications in accordance with your instructions.

Watching services of new trademark applications in specific classes or sectors are also provided in accordance with the client’s special needs and instructions.