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The new industrial property law, Law No. 6769 which has entered into force on 10th January 2017 introduces a single comprehensive law instead of the present five different decree-laws currently regulating Turkey’s IP legislation on patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, geographical indications and integrated circuit designs.

EFOR PATENT provides IP consulting with its clients in Turkey. EFOR PATENT assists its clients in providing opinion and developing business strategies for the protection of copyrights, domain names, breeder’s rights on new plant varieties, integrated circuit topographies and customs regulations.

Customs Regulation in Turkey

Following the amendment of the Customs Law by Law No. 5911, the New Customs Regulation in Turkey came into effect in October 2009 which provides a new mechanism for intellectual property right holders, known as ‘simplified destruction’. The simplified destruction provisions are highly similar to EU Council Regulation No. 1383/2003 and this enables owners to take more efficient actions in cases of an infringement during customs proceedings in Turkey.

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Integrated Circuit Topographies

The current regulation in Turkey is based on the Act No. 5147 in force as from April 30, 2004 and on its Implementing Regulation pertaining to the protection of the integrated circuit topographies.

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Breeder’s Rights in Turkey

EFOR PATENT provides assistance to the clients from drafting to registration of plant variety applications.

In Turkey, The Law No: 5042 pertaining to the Plant Breeder’s Right has entered into force on January 15, 2004 and the registration proceedings have been carried out by the General Directorate of Protection and Control which is authorized body operating under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

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Domain Name in Turkey

The revolutionary world created by the Internet has resulted in the dedication of a significant part of our practice to issues involving the application and protection of domain names. We advise our clients on registration and protection strategies for domain names. The administration of the country code top level domain of “com.tr” is handled by the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Turkey.

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Copyrights in Turkey

We recognize that copyright issues have proliferated light years beyond where they were just a few years ago. Information and the means to copy that information are everywhere.

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