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Design Search in Turkey

Prior art similarity searches of designs are conducted within the on-line search database of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Design searches in Turkey are performed on the basis of various criteria such as product name, applicant / registrant name, and Locarno classification code.

EFOR PATENT also performs comparative work of the visual representations of the design registrations identified in their search results. Such services are charged by the attorney for time spent on your case.

Once a design application is field in Turkey and the formal deficiencies have been remedied, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office accepts the application and publishes it for possible opposition as opposed to rejecting it outright after conducting a preliminary novelty search. In this respect, it is possible to say that the TPTO’s examination is not limited to formal aspects, i.e. the TPTO carries out a specific examination regarding novelty and distinctive character. Natural or legal persons may oppose to the registration of a design application within three months of the publication of the design in the Official Designs Bulletin as far as the novelty and the individual character of the said design(s) are concerned. An opposition, if filed, is not for the purpose of opposing a design but a design application.

Please contact us for a search among all the designs in the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office’s database and get extensive information about the registrability of your industrial design in Turkey regarding the registration criteria.